The Norstar Group

The Norstar Group Is A Group Of People & Companies With One Purpose:
To Connect Investors With Opportunity

Our founder

Jason Nordlund


The Norstar Group was founded by Jason Nordlund who started his first company while in college. He went on to cut his teeth as a real estate investor before losing everything by his 30th birthday. The pain of this brought him back to the drawing board and led him to a multi-year in-depth study of macro-economics, investment theory and venture capital. He often says that his business failure became the greatest advantage of his life. Mr. Nordlund is self-taught and believes strongly in the purest form of capitalism and liberty.

Our team

Jason Austin

Project Manager

Davy Kusta


Rafael Mojden


Our Objective Is Always To Beat The Market & Achieve Alpha…
And The Best Way To Achieve Alpha Consistently, Is To Create It

How we help

Networking Events

The Norstar Group hosts events at least quarterly in the Minneapolis area to bring together local founders, investors, and service providers


We are preparing to launch an online education platform for investors at all levels learning to seek alpha-type returns

Deal flow

We investigate and are pitched new investment opportunities every single week

Consulting Services

Many of the investments we make require a hands-on approach. While we are not operators, we love to roll up our sleeves and get to work with the founders that we invest in

Our investment focus

Precious metals

We are bullion dealers & we invest in early stage exploration projects

Blockchain / Crypto

We love to invest early and then exit early, we believe there is no greater opportunity for at least the next ten years than what the blockchain and crypto sector currently presents


There is always an opportunity to grow capital in the world of trading no matter what market we are in